Bar & Restaurant


Kitchen Hours

Monday - Saturday: Open till midnight
Sunday: Open till 10PM

Sushi: Monday - Saturday 5PM - 10PM, Sunday Noon - 8PM
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday, 10AM - 2PM


Beer Exchange

Prices on beers are based on real-time sales, updated every 30 seconds. The laws of supply and demand dictate how much each beer costs. The more pints of beer X that are sold the higher the price goes and the price of beer Y and Z goes down respectively. There are periodic "market crashes" where all the beers prices "crash" to an all time low for a designated amount of time.

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Upcoming Events

Two for one sushi rolls and $3 select drafts!
10 wings and a beer for $10
Burger, fries and beer for $10
Buy a bottle of wine and receive a complimentary sushi roll!
Buy a sushi roll and any draft for $10 all night long!
2 for 1 sushi rolls til 7pm!
Weekend Brunch
Bottomless Bohs, Bloody's, and Mimosas to 1pm for $9! Brunch served til 2pm!